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Author Michael Tougeron on January 16, 2008

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Last night’s geekSession as pretty interesting. The panel of PHP superstars knew their stuff (of course) and gave a high level 15 minute talk. For some reason I always enjoy watching when panelist debate back and forth over what the best approach is. Like when Lucas @ was talking about a few milliseconds of speed and Sara Golemon @ Yahoo! said it didn’t matter. ๐Ÿ˜› All in good humor and it highlights that there are many solutions to the same problem. Some may work and be essential for one company and not make a difference for others. Facebook does get a shit load of traffic so they’re always looking to get that extra little bit out of things.

It was nice to meet Cal Henderson, I love his book about site scalability “Building Scalable Web Sites: Building, scaling, and optimizing the next generation of web applications” I highly recommend buying it if you haven’t already. Of course I didn’t want to be a groupie or anything so I didn’t tell him that. Wanted to though. ๐Ÿ˜›

I didn’t get an opportunity to talk with Andrei; I didn’t recognize him (stupid eyes) and it was too noisy to really hear his introduction. I a bit too shy to try to re-introduce myself.

Surprisingly Terry Chay was quite quiet. Didn’t stop the speakers from cussing for him. Really glad he introduced me to Lucas though. That was a big help.

Speaking of Lucas, he’s working on a new talk and wants to try it out before going to the conferences with it. He’s thinking about bringing it to the PHP Meetup in the next couple of months to see how it goes. I hope that happens, bringing more well known PHP names to the group will help take it to the next level.

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