Scaling MySQL powered Web Sites by Sharding and Replication – SF MySQL Meetup Nov 2008

Peter Zaitsev will be giving his excellent presentation “Scaling MySQL powered Web Sites by Sharding and Replication” to the upcoming SF MySQL 6:00pm on November 3rd @ the CBS Interactive (formerly CNET Networks) building in SOMA San Francisco (235 2nd St).

RSVP here:

Description from the 2008 Velocity conference:
When your application grows beyond capacity of a single MySQL server there are few ways to scale, with most typical being Replication and Sharding.

In this presentation you will learn how, depending on your application performance scalability and high availability goals, you can choose what proper scaling strategy will be good for you.

We also will speak about scalability limitations of replication of Replication and Sharding, implementation complexities, and aspects of operation.

Peter Zaitsev’s bio:
MySQL Performance Blog

Peter helped many companies ranging from one man startups to Fortune 500 companies with their Performance and Scaling problems on various stages starting from architecture design and down to queries and schema optimization.

Over cause of the years Peter has spoken on many International conferences focused on MySQL, Open Source, Databases or High Performance Web applications.

Before co-founding Percona Peter worked for MySQL AB as head of High Performance Group being involved in Support, Consulting, Development and working with vendors helping to optimize their software or hardware to perform well with MySQL.

Peter also was involved in number of Web Startups in the roles ranging from CTO to Consultant and has a lot of experience in MySQL and Web Applications Operations, Deployment, Quality Assurance and Development.
Please join us!

Map to CNET Networks, Inc.
When you arrive, please look for the PHP/MySQL Meetup sign pointing you to the conference room.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Making frameworks suck less – SF PHP Meetup Nov 2008

Terry Chay will be returning to speak again!  Due to popular demand Terry has agreed to give his recent “Making frameworks suck less” talk that he gave to the ZendCon08 UnCon this year. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes ’cause Terry will pack the room!

RSVP here:

The blurb from ZendCon08:
Terry Chay, the original PHP Terrorist, is well known for his criticism and ridicule of the Ruby on Rails framework. He criticizes, mocks, and f-bombs his enemies into surrender. In this discussion, Terry will share his ideas and thoughts on making frameworks better.

Map to CNET Networks, Inc.
When you arrive, please look for the PHP Meetup sign pointing you to the conference room. Please RSVP if you are attending so that I can prepare enough snacks and beverages.

Look forward to seeing you there!

This event can be found at:

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What I want to hear…

from my presidential candidates is a debate on the issues facing our country, not inuendo and attacks.  I want to hear how Candidate A believes their economic policies are better than Candidate B’s policy or how B has more experience than C because of x, y, and z.

The last few weeks I’ve been hearing a lot of what I’d consider attack ads by the McCain campaign.  I have to say I am *very* disappointed with him.  I’ve always had a lot of respect for John McCain even though I do not always agree with his political views.  He has always struck me as someone who stands up for what is right and as someone above the muck throwing.  Well, until now that is.

As I said above I want to know what you and your vp candidate stand for and why you are better than your opponents.  I understand and somewhat agree that who you associate with reflects on someone’s judgement.  But how far do you take it?  What matters is *McCain’s* policies and opinions, not the person he is associated with.  The same goes for Obama, Biden and Palin.

I could say McCain has bad judgement by associating himself with Bush.  But that doesn’t matter because he may not agree with him.  However, when McCain says he agrees with Bush, then it is McCain’s opinion we are discussing.  If Obama says he agrees with Ayers in regards to what Ayers allegedly did year ago then yes it would be fair game.  But he didn’t and I doubt he ever would.

As for you Obama… I don’t care who throws the last punch.  Don’t do it!  Stick to the issues.  It is working for you.  Yes, some people are influenced by the mud but not those who will swing the vote one way or another.

I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE ISSUES!!!  Please… both of you… get back on track and address the issues and concerns of myself and the American public.  That’s what’s important.  Deal with it.  If you can’t, you shouldn’t be president anyway.  That’s my 2-cents anyway.

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