Regarding the 2009 FTC blogger disclosure…

I work for CBS in the CBS Interactive division in the Games, Movies & Sports business unit.  This primarily consists of MovieTome.com, MetaCritic.com, GameSpot.com and GameFAQs.com.  However, this is my day job and does not apply to this blog.

I organize and run the SF PHP Meetup and the SF MySQL Meetup.  For these community run user groups, I receive products and sponsorships from a variety of companies.  Primarily CBS, Percona, Yahoo! and O’Reilly.  However, these products and sponsorships are used exclusively for the groups’ events.  They do not go to me personally.  Nor do any products or sponsorships include advertising or marketing on this blog.  The use or mention of said products or sponsorships on this blog do not represent an advertisement for their company.

I run Google AdSense on this blog.  To-date, Oct 14, 2009, I have received $1.52 credited to my AdSense account.  The display of these advertisements on this blog are not an endorsement of either the products & services advertised nor an endorsement of the Google AdSense program.

tl;dr I don’t receive compensation to endorse products or services on this blog.  If I ever do, I’ll clearly disclose that it is an advertisement.

I’m just not popular enough.  😛

This post was written by Michael Tougeron on October 14, 2009