MySQL Conf 2008 – InnoDB (Day 2)

A new version for InnoDB was announced today. During the InnoDB: Fast, Reliable, Proven Transactional Storage for MySQL session Heikki Tuuri and Ken Jacobs (Heikki’s handler) went over the changes and improvements. InnoDB is now using MySQL 5.1’s plugin API and has some very cool/interesting new features, including:
Fast index creation – Add/drop indexes without copying the data.
Data compression – Significantly reduces storage size & I/O by shrinking the tables.
New row format – Off-page storage of large data elements like BLOB, TEXT, etc.

The new format of InnoDB can be dynamically installed w/o re-linking MySQL, which should be pretty handy for people who cannot easily re-build MySQL. The InnoDB upgrade is fully compatible with existing InnoDB tables and can even be downgraded back to the old version if you need to.

Installation is a breeze and can be done by downloading, extracting the into the MySQL Server plugin directory, and then restarting the mysqld. Be sure to enable “skip_innodb” in the my.cnf so that it doesn’t conflict with the engine already in MySQL. The innodb_file_format is now Barracuda. Finally log into the cli and “INSTALL PLUGIN INNODB SONAME ‘'” and “INSTALL PLUGIN INNODB_LOCKS SONAME ‘ha_innodb.s'”

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This post was written by Michael Tougeron on April 15, 2008

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