MySQL AB aquired by Sun

Big news in the database world today, MySQL announced that they have been aquired by Sun Microsystems.  Was a bit of surprising move to me as last I heard was the rumors around looking into an IPO.  Of course by no means am I up-to-date or an industry insider.  I’m not sure yet how I feel about this move.  Its probably a good move for Sun, but how is it going to affect the LAMP world?

According to Kaj Arno it will be a good thing due to Sun’s already strong presence in the open source world citing references to Java and Open Office.  I agree that Sun’s open source initiatives are a good thing (it could have been Oracle /shudder).  However, I don’t like Java and I don’t like Open Office.  I also think the audience that uses Java and MySQL might be somewhat different from the larger LAMP sites like Facebook and Yahoo!.

I suppose only time will tell.  Its probably just the db geek in me, but I’ll be watching this closely over the coming months.

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This post was written by Michael Tougeron on January 16, 2008

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