February 2009: Talk about Tidy ( & for the Greater Bay Area LAMP meetup. This talk was mostly a discussion of a previous blog entry: A PDF of the slides can be found at: GBA LAMP Meetup February 19th 2009 – Tidy

October 2008: 15 minute presentation on PHP Filter for the Oct 2008 SF PHP Meetup: GBA LAMP Meetup February 19th 2009 – TidyPHP Meetup October 2nd 2008: PHP Filter

January 2008: Mini-talk on Smarty for the Jan 2008 SF PHP Meetup:

November 2007: Presentation on memcached for the Nov 2007 SF PHP Meetup: PHP Meetup November 2007: memcached

This post was written by Michael Tougeron on October 6, 2008