What I want to hear…

from my presidential candidates is a debate on the issues facing our country, not inuendo and attacks.  I want to hear how Candidate A believes their economic policies are better than Candidate B’s policy or how B has more experience than C because of x, y, and z.

The last few weeks I’ve been hearing a lot of what I’d consider attack ads by the McCain campaign.  I have to say I am *very* disappointed with him.  I’ve always had a lot of respect for John McCain even though I do not always agree with his political views.  He has always struck me as someone who stands up for what is right and as someone above the muck throwing.  Well, until now that is.

As I said above I want to know what you and your vp candidate stand for and why you are better than your opponents.  I understand and somewhat agree that who you associate with reflects on someone’s judgement.  But how far do you take it?  What matters is *McCain’s* policies and opinions, not the person he is associated with.  The same goes for Obama, Biden and Palin.

I could say McCain has bad judgement by associating himself with Bush.  But that doesn’t matter because he may not agree with him.  However, when McCain says he agrees with Bush, then it is McCain’s opinion we are discussing.  If Obama says he agrees with Ayers in regards to what Ayers allegedly did year ago then yes it would be fair game.  But he didn’t and I doubt he ever would.

As for you Obama… I don’t care who throws the last punch.  Don’t do it!  Stick to the issues.  It is working for you.  Yes, some people are influenced by the mud but not those who will swing the vote one way or another.

I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE ISSUES!!!  Please… both of you… get back on track and address the issues and concerns of myself and the American public.  That’s what’s important.  Deal with it.  If you can’t, you shouldn’t be president anyway.  That’s my 2-cents anyway.

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This post was written by Michael Tougeron on October 6, 2008

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The Daniel Pearl Standard

TodayYesterday I read in the WSJ a commentary by Judea Pearl titled “The Daniel Pearl Standard.” I thought it was a well-written article about how the news media has gone away from its traditional roots of unbiased journalism. I know the news business has never been fully non-biased (can anyone say Hearst?) but I agree with the article that today’s news media has gone too far. Reporting is no longer about the facts. Its now about the spin or the image that they want to portray.

To me an excellent example of this is CNN when they covered the Jan 8th 2008 back-to-back Democratic and Republican presidential debates. At the end of each debate instead of their own evaluation, CNN went to their reporters in the “Spin Room” to get what each of the candidates had to say about how well they did in the debate. They just had the press release from each candidate, which of course said they did a good job, and didn’t care one way or the other if the information released was accurate.

When is the news media going to go back to reporting the News and the Facts of an issue. I agree that there is two sides to every story, but if one side is factually wrong, they should not be given the same air time. It creates an impression to the viewer or reader that both sides have equal merit. If the issue is in contest, then of course present it impartially. But they should not let the presenter tell them the issue is debatable else we end up where we are now with global warming (should be about effects not whether its factual or not).

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Charlie Wilson’s War

I went to see Charlie Wilson’s War yesterday with my wife Denise. I thought it was a pretty good flick.  Tom Hanks was pretty good in the leading war.  I know it was dramatized but I hope it starts to raise awareness in the world about how we get into some of these political and war messes.  I was saddened that they just glossed over the Saudi involvement in that war.  That was back when the bin Laden family was an ally of ours.  🙁

Anyway, enough about the politic side of the movie.  Acting was good and made a decent story about a non-action based historical event.  I give it 3 & 1/2 stars.

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This post was written by Michael Tougeron on January 7, 2008

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